San Antonio Café Damaged by Flood Gets Help from Community and Country Singer Kevin Fowler

Here's how you can also help this Texas staple get back on its feet.

Comfort Cafe exterior
Photo: Comfort Cafe

When San Antonio's beloved Comfort Café was badly damaged by a flood, not only did the community come together to help, but so did a rival restaurant and country star Kevin Fowler. It just shows how special Comfort Café is to the city—and the world at large.

The trouble started when a rainstorm led to a flood that knocked down light posts and filled the SerenityStar Comfort Café with water, mud, and debris. As the water receded, the damage to the restaurant became clear. The original Bandera location of the café, which had recently earned the title of best U.S. brunch restaurant by Yelp, had to temporarily shut down to rebuild and recover. Luckily, the café is well versed in overcoming adversity.

Comfort Café is staffed entirely, from waitstaff to cooks, by people who are in recovery through the SerenityStar program. The pay-what-you-can brunch funds the SerenityStar's mission to help transform the lives of people on the road to recovery. Plus, the stuffed pancakes and French toast are the stuff of breakfast legend. There was no way that its neighbors and community could just stand by and let the Comfort Café struggle alone.

Now, Smoke BBQ + Skybar is stepping in to give Comfort Café a helping hand, My San Antonio reports. When owner Adrian Martinez heard about the restaurant in need, he decided he must to do what he could for his neighbors in need. He decided to donate money from ticket sales from a Kevin Fowler concert to help his fellow business. "When something like this happens it's our job as a community to come together and help," Smoke BBQ posted on Facebook.

While the restaurant continues on its own road to recovery, its new outpost at Los Patios on the Northeast Side of San Antonio is open. If you can't make it for brunch, but want to help, the team is accepting donations of time to aid in the clean up or money, which can be given here.

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Our thoughts are with those for whom Comfort Café is a source of income, a place of refuge, or just their favorite brunch spot and we are wishing for a speedy return.


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