6-Year-Old Texan Meets Hero: Her Town's Only Female Firefighter

Annabelle Turner has always wanted to be a firefighter.

Annabelle Turner, 6, has always dreamt of being a firefighter when she grows up.

"Ever since she could talk!" her mom Aubrey, from Prosper, Texas, told KTVT. "Every time she would pass a firetruck, she would comment on it."

Annabelle Meets Prosper Fire Rescue Hero Autumn
Town of Propser

So, when Annabelle learned that her Dallas-area town had a female firefighter/paramedic of its own, she became determined to meet her.

That dream came true last week when little Annabelle got a VIP tour of the Prosper fire station courtesy of her hero, Autumn Verhoef.

Annabelle Meets Prosper Fire Rescue Hero Autumn - Town of Prosper
Town of Propser

Autumn is Prosper Fire Rescue's only female firefighter, who, just a couple years ago left her job as a full-time ER nurse to become a firefighter.

"When I was in the ER, I lived in a different town and in that particular town those firefighters and paramedics would bring me patients," she told KTVT, adding that she realized she wanted to be a firefighter as she learned more about what they did.

Autumn, a mom of two, credits her husband and her faith in being able to do what she loves most: helping people. She said she hopes her story will inspire other women to get into public safety careers.

Women currently make up less than 10% of the United States' Fire Service, but Autumn feels confident that number will change. Thanks, in large part, to kids like Annabelle.

"I'm going to practice being a firefighter every day!" the six-year-old said.

You go, Annabelle!

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