Mattress Mack Surprises Louisiana Couple Displaced by Hurricane Ida With New Furniture

What would we do without you, Mack?

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale goes by many names. Last week, for one couple displaced by Hurricane Ida, the legendary Texas businessman became "Santa Claus."

Michele Thomisee told KHOU 11 that she and her husband lost nearly everything when the category 4 storm destroyed their home in Houma, Louisiana, back in August.

"You just expect the storm to pass, and things go back to normal in the in the next few weeks. But there was no home to go home to," she told the news station. "Within a few days, everything was covered in mold, and wet. And everything you worked for is gone."

So, they made the difficult decision to leave Houma and start over in the Houston suburb of Clear Lake City. It wasn't easy. For three months the Thomisees lived in a hotel while they worked to save enough money to put a deposit down on an apartment.

Michele told KHOU 11 that they didn't even have a bed to sleep on when they finally moved into their new home.

The local news station was on hand last week when a yellow truck pulled up in front of the couple's building and crews started unloading furniture.

The early Christmas present was a surprise from McIngvale.

"We appreciate it so much," Michele told KHOU 11 through her tears.

Mattress Mack Houston
Bill Baptist/Getty Images

Mattress Mack has made a career out of providing disaster relief, turning his Gallery Furniture stores into shelters during severe weather, organizing food drives, hosting fundraisers, and helping his community whenever he gets the chance.

"My parents taught me that the essence of living is giving. The Catholic church I went to taught me that to whom much is given much is expected," McIngvale told CNN after he opened his doors to Houstonians impacted by the deadly winter weather in February.

"It's not our privilege to do this, it's not our right to do this, it's our obligation," he continued. "This is what we were put on the Earth to do: help other people. When situations come up it's time for us to spring into action and help people get a better view of the day because some of their lives right now are very dark."

Thank you for all you do, Mack!

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