This Texas Café Serves 3-Pound Cinnamon Rolls

Proving once again that everything's bigger in Texas.

"Serving Texas-sized portions at reasonable prices." That's the philosophy of Lulu's Bakery and Café, located in San Antonio, Texas. The goal is decidedly simple—to welcome guests in and fill them up. And Lulu's certainly delivers on this promise.

The family-owned diner has recently gained national attention for its ginormous cinnamon rolls. Lulu's offers its famous 3-pound cinnamon rolls day and night, 24 hours a day. Yes, you read that, right: these supersize cinnamon rolls weigh 3 pounds. And you can get one at any hour of the day. This sounds like all of our childhood dreams come true.

The 24-hour café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner specialties; in true diner fashion, its extensive menu offers something for every whim or taste, from fried chicken and steak to tacos and breakfast plates. But the 3-pound cinnamon roll inevitably stands out on the menu.

The cinnamon roll is wrapped in one large swirl, replicating the inviting look of your favorite Sunday morning confections. It's blanketed in a thick sheen of icing and served on a larger-than-life platter, speared with a bread knife, the knife's handle triumphantly emerging from the top of the cinnamon roll like the sword in the stone. This supersize confection can easily feed the whole family, and it's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But does the cinnamon roll taste as good as it looks? Its promising online reviews suggest so. One reviewer writes, "Amazing 3lb cinnamon roll, not just huge but also very tasty!" Another crowns it "one of the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had."

Lulu's has become a San Antonio destination, with locals and tourists alike flocking to taste its specialty treats. In addition to its mega-sized cinnamon rolls, the café advertises "The Texas Ranger Challenge:" finish a 21-ounce chicken fried steak, double sides, and 2 yeast rolls in 12 minutes or less and it's free. Plus, you win a commemorative "I Beat The Ranger" t-shirt to celebrate the feat.

Can't make it to Texas? Don't worry—Lulu's even ships its famous cinnamon rolls across the country. You can order them online for just $11.99, plus tax and shipping. Forget the stuffy layer cake—we think we've found the centerpiece for your next party.

Or, if you're feeling ambitious, try baking our skillet-sized Big Cinnamon Roll at home. It may not be 3 pounds, but it sure is tasty.

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