3 Things You Should Know About Luckenbach, Texas

This Texas town's population might be small, but its music scene is legendary.

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Nestled deep within the very heart of Hill Country, Texas, is the tiny town of Luckenbach. The residential population might be small within the town's border, but don't let that fool you. The unincorporated community that sits about 60 miles north of San Antonio has much more going on than you'd expect. Here are three things you need to know about Luckenbach, Texas, before heading over for a visit.

It Was Founded By German Farmers

According to the Texas State Historical Association, the small community was founded in the 1840s by German farmers. Those farming families included both the Engel and Luckenbach families. At the time, the town was known as South Grape Creek.

According to the town's website, Luckenbach and his family may have been early settlers. However, they do not get credit for founding the town. Instead, credit typically goes to the Engel family. The two families were incredibly intertwined. The site notes, "When August Engel Jr. applied for a post office, his sister, Minna Engel, agreed to work as his clerk. While they were filling out the postal application, Minna selected the name of her fiancé, Carl Albert Luckenbach, who was the son of Jacob."

Its Main Thoroughfare Still Includes A Working Saloon

After settling into the town, the Luckenbach family ensured it felt like home. They quickly opened a general store and a saloon, followed by a dance hall in the center of town. Though the general store has turned into a gift shop, the saloon and dance hall remain popular places to visit, dance, and drink for locals and tourists alike.

Luckenbach, TX Saloon
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It's A Country Music Mecca

In the 1970s, the entire town went up for sale. But, rather than see it sold off to some outsider, a local legend named John "Hondo" Crouch and a few partners plunked down the cash to buy it. All he wanted to do was make it a place where country music and a little bit of magic could happen.

Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, and Waylon Jennings have all performed in Luckenbach. To this day, Luckenbach's tiny dance hall still hosts popular live music events and festivals throughout the year. And truly, it's a welcoming place for visitors to roam in and spend some time. As the town's motto states, "Everybody's Somebody in Luckenbach."

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