The Drive-Through Christmas Lights Spectacular in Johnson City, Texas, Is a Holiday Season Must-See

Dubbed "the twinkliest town in Texas."

Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit like piling into a car with the family and heading out on a drive through the neighborhood to see all the twinkling lights and decorations on display. In downtown Johnson City, Texas, the Christmas lights show is unlike anything on Earth—because you can even enjoy it from space.

Since 1989, the Johnson City, Texas Lights Spectacular Christmas display, centered around the historic Blanco County courthouse, drapes the town in thousands of twinkling lights for the holiday season.

Christmas Lights in Johnson City, Texas
Christmas Lights in Johnson City, Texas. Donovan Reese / Getty Images

The festive town square has towering oak trees draped with over a million twinkling lights for a most dreamy scene. It's as if a snow globe has come to life. Local businesses and homes also get in on the fanfare throughout town, making it a holiday adventure for anyone visiting.

Dubbed the "twinkliest town in Texas," the Johnson City Lights Spectacular has even been reported by NASA as visible from the International Space Center—it's literally bright enough to see it from space. As in, it's out of this world with Christmas spirit! If that's not reason enough to grab a hot chocolate and hop in the car, call us Kris Kringle.

You can enjoy a drive through the town square and neighboring streets to take in the good old-fashioned Christmas celebration or participate in a tour of the Lights Spectacular on foot. Either way, you can experience one of the most magical small towns in the Texas Hill Country during Christmastime, and that's something that might tempt even Santa himself.

Johnson City Lights
Art Meripol

The town also hosts various holiday activities. You'll want to visit this town several times throughout the season. It changes yearly, but some main attractions include Tractor Pulled Hayrides, Lamplight Tours, a Living Story of Christmas, and the Lighted Hooves & Wheels Parade. There may even be a Grinch or Santa sighting.

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