Did you know that there's a spectacular graffiti festival in Texas? There’s nothing we love more than a good mural (and we’d be lying if we said we never detoured on our family road trip to pose in front of a famous one or two). And, this fall, Houston is hosting the third annual HUE Mural Festival, a delightful swirl of gorgeous colors by celebrated street artists. This year, the event runs from October 14-21 in Magnolia City. Here, GONZO247, a local street art visionary, plays our tour guide through this exciting video. Weave your way through H-town’s streets and get a taste of the incredible artwork to come. This artist got his start as a child spray painting his name on empty walls (yes, a few cop chases were involved) and now runs the video magazine Aerosol Warfare, which has been supporting Houston’s vibrant street art landscape for over 25 years. With so many cool moments to capture in person, consider this our official apology in advance for taking too many photos of the breathtaking artwork. 

Video courtesy of Lance Childers

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