Kolaches at Czech Stop in West, Texas
Credit: Joe De Sciose

The Lone Star State is home to many surprises, but perhaps the tastiest of them all is a small shop that sells what can only be described as the best kolaches in the world.

Never heard of a kolache? Let us educate you.

As Southern Living previously explained, a kolache (pronounced koh-lah-chee) hails from the Czech Republic. The treat usually comes stuffed with sweet treats inside like apricots, prunes, or sweet cheeses.

The dessert-like food (not to be confused with its savory counterpart, the klobasniky) became a Texas staple thanks to the large Czech diaspora that settled in the state in the late 1800s.

The tradition of making kolache continues in Texas today, with the Czech Stop and Little Czech Bakery creating perhaps the best version of the treat in the entire state.

Located just off the I-35 in West, Texas, the Little Czech Shop specializes in creating the treat for hungry travelers.

"Had business in Dallas, so I stopped at the competition across the highway on the way up to try their kolaches. Stopped at the Czech Stop on the way back and bought a dozen kolaches. Czech Stop kolaches are by far the best," one Yelp reviewer wrote of his experience. "The service is fast and the food is delicious. I ordered a pumpkin kolache and a sausage and cheese kolache on my drive south through West. They were amazing. I will be stopping again to get a dozen on my way home," another added.

The shop is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure everyone can get a taste of their delicious treats.

Not going to make it to West, Texas any time soon? Fear not, as the shop will ship a few to you. But, be warned: The shop refuses to ship the treat if it's more than 50 degrees outside as their products are always made fresh, never frozen.

So, you may just have to wait until winter to get one. But, if the line out the door and the nearly 1,000 perfect online reviews say anything, it's that waiting a few months to bite into a Little Czech Bakery kolache is well worth it.