It's no surprise that there's a delicious hot meal waiting for you in a town named Comfort.

Located about an hour away from San Antonio, Texas, the small community of Comfort is ready and waiting to welcome visitors. While there's plenty to see and do around town, the very first thing any traveler should do is sit down for a meal at the Cypress Creek Inn.

As the longest operating restaurant in town, the Cypress Creek Inn knows exactly what to serve its hungry diners.

As the restaurant's site explained, the Inn was started by Damon and Charlotte Holmes, who first opened the Fairview Inn on the edge of town in the early 1950s. After it became a quick hit with the locals, the family moved the restaurant into the heart of town near the Cypress Creek and renamed it to match its new home.

Sadly, Damon Holmes passed away in the 1980s, but Charlotte continued on for another decade before selling the business to one of her trusted employees. The Inn was moved once again, but still maintained the trusted Cypress Creek Inn name.

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Along with the name, the restaurant maintained the same values, and many of the same menu items, which kept loyalists coming back for more. That included Charlotte, who continued to dine at the Inn until she passed just a few years ago.

What exactly makes this place so special? According to the Yelp reviews, it's not just about the food, but it's also about the stellar service.

"Ben is very friendly and the food is very good. It was so good that I forgot to take a picture of the place or the food," one reviewer wrote. "If you love feeling like the staff are happy to see you in their restaurant, you'll love Cypress Creek Inn Restaurant," another added.

As for meals, you can't go wrong with local favorites like chicken fried steak, or grilled pork chops. Or, simply go big or go home and go for the lunch buffet.

But, for a truly special experience, head to Cypress Creek on a Sunday, when they serve up a special meal each week. For example, on the first Sunday of every month, it serves hungry patrons a meal of roast turkey and dressing with gravy, along with baked ham with raisin sauce. On the second Sunday, Cypress Creek serves roast beef with brown gravy Lemon-Herb Baked chicken.

To put simply, Cypress Creek is down-home cooking with all the Southern hospitality you'd expect in Texas. So make sure to add it to your personal "must eat" list.