If you've seen Netflix's hit series Cheer, then you've heard about this little slice-of-heaven bakery.
Collin Street Bakery
Credit: Collin Street Bakery

Before Navarro College's cheer team took the world by storm, Collin Street Bakery was making a name for itself in the quaint town of Corsicana, Texas. Only 50 miles south of Dallas, you can pass through the small town in the blink of an eye, but the sweet, heavenly aroma of homemade fruitcake urges you to stop the car and stay awhile.

When we say that their fruitcake is legendary, we mean it. Collin Street Bakery's deluxe fruitcake recipe has remained unchanged since the bakery first opened its doors in 1896. And like any family-owned business, the Corsicana community is its most loyal customer base—they've been coming to this little slice of heaven bakery for countless years.

Locally made, Collin Street Bakery's fruitcakes are created with pineapple, Texas pecans, honey, and adorned with ripe cherries. Each fruitcake is packaged in a vintage, keepsake tin. Fruitcake lovers simply cannot get enough—devoted customers say the holidays are simply not complete without a Collin Street fruitcake. There's even a fan group on Facebook called Collin Street Bakery Superfans for all the bakery enthusiasts. On top of their famous deluxe fruitcake, they also serve well-known Southern fare like pecan cakes, chocolate cakes, and deep-dish fudge pecan pie.

The bakery's fame came far before their brief cameo on Netflix's hit docuseries, Cheer, but the exposure certainly didn't hurt. Word got out about the delectable bakery, and its fan base grew by the thousands. Collin Street Bakery ships internationally and has people from all over travel to the tiny dot on the map of Corsicana, Texas. Amidst its fame, the bakery stays true to its Southern roots; it's a hotspot where locals read the paper and greet their neighbors over a slice of fruitcake.

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If you're lucky enough to live near this charming bakery, drop in for a piece of fruitcake. And if you're far away and craving a piece of the South, order a deluxe fruitcake or pecan cake online.