The "mile high" meringue-topped pies are an attraction in their own right at The Shed Café in Edom.

Shed Cafe Pies

The next time you find yourself driving through rural East Texas and looking for a good place to stop for a meal or just a sweet treat to tide you over, you owe it to yourself to stop by The Shed Café in Edom. This is a quintessential small Texas town about an hour and a half east of Dallas and just west of Tyler, and is known for its local artisans and prime blueberry and blackberry picking each summer. One of Edom's other renowned institutions is The Shed—situated right in the center of town next to the only stop light for over 40 years—where you can stop in for some home-style cooking.

Whether it's chicken fried steak, buttered rolls, or okra, you're sure not to go wrong with your meal choice, but The Shed won't let you leave without trying one of their famous pies. We're talking "mile high" meringue or homemade whipped cream–topped custard pies. This is one of those times you might just have to see it to believe:

The coconut cream might be their most famous, but chocolate meringue, lemon icebox, buttermilk, and pecan are flavors that all make regular appearances on the menu. You'll also have the option of graham cracker, chocolate wafer, or traditional crusts, plus you can enjoy some of the local fruit in the cobblers The Shed is whipping up.

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If you need something savory before the sweet, The Shed keeps people coming back with its chicken fried steak, fried catfish, mashed potatoes, and all-day breakfast. It has the laid-back atmosphere of any small town joint that gets to call most of the 346-person population regulars, but welcomes out-of-towners just the same. Texas Monthly even ranked it as one of Texas' 40 best small town cafés. Edom has a flourishing arts community, with several galleries, pottery and jewelry shops, and eclectic antique stores in the quaint downtown. Local artisans get to show off at the two arts fairs held in town each year, a great time to visit the East Texas gem. And when you stop through, don't forget to "get fed at The Shed."