Big Alligator Joins Drive-Thru Line At Texas Taco Shop

Even gators love Tex-Mex!

Is it just us, or are alligators developing a taste for fast food?

Not long after a gator made headlines for chasing people through the parking lot of a Florida Wendy's, news broke of a taco shop in East Texas that was forced to close its drive-thru after an alligator got in line and then fell asleep.

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The scene unfolded at Jucy's Taco in Henderson. According to the Henderson Police Department, an eight-foot alligator made the 500-foot journey to the taco shop from a nearby lake. Then, upon realizing that it was no longer Taco Tuesday, he decided to take a nap.

The sleepy alligator was reportedly taken to nearby Willow Creek Lake and released at an undisclosed location by Texas Game Warden.

"What an exciting morning Henderson had," Henderson police department wrote alongside photos of the sizable gator on Facebook. "This alligator said 'see ya later!' to Willow Creek Lake and stopped at Jucy's Taco for a quick taco."

Fortunately, the restaurant was able to laugh about the disruptive customer.

"The drive thru at Jucy's Taco in Henderson is temporarily closed, as a customer decided to take a nap in the line," they wrote on Facebook. "It turns out gators like Jucy's Taco, too!"

Gator sightings have been on the rise due to the onset of mating season, which takes place in May and June. In fact, an alligator was filmed strolling through a Florida Publix parking lot.

The increased alligator activity over the next few months can lead to more frequent run-ins with humans. Wildlife officials urge everyone to be careful and pay close attention when spending time around fresh or brackish water. Keep in mind that alligators are most active at dusk and dawn.

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