Because Music City can be overwhelming sometimes. 

Henrietta Red Nashville
Credit: Strategic Hospitality

From Aziz Ansari to your bachelorette party planning friend in L.A., Nashville has officially become the introductory travel destination for any and everyone visiting our region, in addition to all the Southerners who have been going there since before it was cool. Hence, the crane-filled skyline and daunting list of new openings.

With all the traffic and tracking which neighborhood is hipper (Are we over East Nashville? Is everyone about Germantown now? Does it even matter?), it can all be a little too much. Our advice: after you check out all the requisite stops from Prince's Hot Chicken to the Country Music Hall of Fame, make time for these new (and newish) additions.


The less time spent in the car is directly correlational to less stress on your trip, so do yourself a favor and book a room at the guesthouse-style Germantown Inn. You'll not only be within walking distance of restaurants like Rolf and Daughters and Barista Parlor's satellite coffee shop (that, to be honest, we kind of prefer to the original eastside location), you'll also be away from the fray of downtown and surrounded by some of the city's most historic architecture.

WATCH: Nashville Hot Chicken Dip


While you're in Germantown, take a stroll over to Henrietta Red, a bright and buzzy oyster house that also serves wood-fired fish and veggie-centric dishes like cauliflower steaks. Downtown, Chef Levon Wallace, formerly of Proof on Main at Louisville's 21C Museum Hotel, has completed his Nashville transformation with the opening of Gray and Dudley downstairs at the newest 21C location. Our picks? The House Bacon and Onion Tart, Phat Beets with whipped feta, and the GD Burger. The Gulch has gone global with the openings of Chauhan Ale and Masala House, a Southern-Indian fusion tavern, and Tànsuŏ, a luxe-looking, double-decker Chinese concept that will make any booth-lover swoon. And if you still haven't had a pizza at Slim and Husky's on Buchanan Street, you're missing out on mind-altering slice with a shallot-and-garlic olive oil-basted crust, grown-up slushies, and the shop's choice hip hop sound track.


Sip a Tennessee whiskey or a more technicolor, whipped cream-topped cocktail offering in the courtyard of Rosemary and Beauty Queen, a cozy bar inside of a butter-colored 5 Points house. The Death from a Bun food truck parks out back in case you're still hungry.


Summer is coming, so head to the new Look East outpost for a fresh pair of shades. After, visit Fond Object Records' newly opened downtown location for vinyl and vintage dress hunting along with DIY-style shows and locally loved artists on their stage by night.