Barking Dogs Save Tennessee Family From Early Morning House Fire

"We made it out barely, but we made it out."

Stephanie Beasley is thanking God and her dogs after a fire destroyed her family's Madison, Tennessee, home early Tuesday morning.

Smoke coming in under door
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The mom of four, whose nephew was also staying with them at the time, said the house she was renting didn't have smoke detectors. Instead, Beasley says it was the incessant barking of her two dogs, Stormie and Kash, that woke her up and saved their lives.

"I rounded the corner, and then it was so bright and orange I just started screaming," she recalled to WSMV. "It was just a matter of seconds where it started from right there, and then the whole house was in flames from front to back."

Speaking with the local Nashville television station, Beasley recalled bringing her nephew and the three daughters that were home at the time outside before the flames spread throughout the house.

"If the dogs wouldn't have woke us up, we probably would be here right now," she said. "I mean, there were no smoke detectors in the house, but I don't know. I just thank God that we are still here now to talk about it."

While they made it out with their lives, Beasley said they lost all their possessions in the blaze.

"It's pretty bad, but like I said, I can get that stuff back," she noted. "But this stuff, my kids, my nephew, I can't get that stuff back. So, we made it out barely, but we made it out."

According to WSMV, a trust account has made under the name Stephanie Beasley at Fifth Third Bank. For more information on donating to the family, reach out to Madison at the Harding Pike location.

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