Dreaming of Mingling with the Bridgertons? This Tea Service Is the Next Best Thing

It's tea time in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bridgerton, Shonda Rhimes' groundbreaking debut series for Netflix, has stolen hearts, sending endless fans to pine for high tea in the English countryside. It was only a matter of time before hotels and restaurants in the U.S started playing up our Bridgerton-mania. The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, already a historic destination, is one of the first to jump on the trend, announcing its limited-run, Bridgerton-themed Talk of the Town tea service.

"Afternoon tea has a long-standing history, from high society Londonites gathering to pass gossip to suffragists gathering in the 19th century to discuss women's right to vote," says Dee Patel, the hotel's Managing Director. "The Hermitage Hotel is laced with history while offering a modern approachable luxury that guests love, so carrying on this proud tradition is a natural fit and truly gives our guests a fun and whimsical window into another time."

A natural fit—with a fun twist. The menu, which guests are meant to keep, is designed with posh whimsy in mind, and arrives complete with a gossipy, Nashville-themed letter mimicking the show's "Lady Whistledown's Society Papers" pamphlet, signed by the fictional Lady Hermitage.

The location—an impressive, airy Beaux Arts-style mansion fit for the Duke of Hastings—is a natural backdrop for the very British menu that includes cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches, chicken salad on brioche, mini quiches, 'Majestic' apricot bars, and chocolate tea cake. Scones are also featured, as well as biscuits, naturally. Served with a glass of Moet champagne, butters, jams, and tea, the service should satisfy even the pickiest members of the Bridgerton clan.

The Talk of the Town tea service is available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in April and May. Reservations can be made here.

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