Snuggle up for the season in a real-life hobbit house that happens to be underground. 

Forest Gully Farms
Credit: Airbnb

The leaves are turning, the temperatures are dropping, and anyone who tells you it doesn't get cold in the South obviously hasn't stepped outside lately. The slightest threat of below-freezing temperatures–or anything under 50 degrees, really–is enough to make us want to burrow away for the next month.

So, why not? We're not talking about wasting your winter binge-watching Netflix under a pile of blankets. (Although if that's your game, we've got you covered with enough movie recommendations to last until spring.) We literally mean hibernating underground in a magical hut that feels like the home of Santa's head elf.

Unlike the elves, you don't have to travel to the North Pole for a quaint, below-ground stay. Nestled in the hills of a 15-acre farm in Tennessee is a unique Airbnb that takes winter hygge to subterranean heights. Forest Gully Farms offers families a winter getaway right outside of Nashville where you can rent three hobbit houses for the ultimate cold-weather escape.

Forest Gully Farms Huts
Credit: Airbnb

They may seem tiny, but this cluster of hillside huts can host up to eight for a little over $300 a night. The bedroom huts, kitchen hut, and private bathhouse rent as a group. Outside, the host-managed farm gives guests access to a vegetable garden, orchard, and chickens with everything from fresh farm eggs to produce for the picking. A creek and waterfalls are tucked away in the wooded areas nearby for brisk winter walks. If staying underground isn't cozy enough, true hibernators will be happy with the firepit, natural earth insulation, and HVAC system for the complete hygge effect.

If you're not sure about the full getaway experience, the property also offers foraging tours, though they may be a bit more colorful during warmer months. Here you can spend the day on the property learning about the crop farm and exploring trails. You can even eat a quick bite in one of the huts for a taste of the hobbit life.

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Ready to pack your bags? Us too. Just don't forget your favorite comfy clothes and a book or two.