We can’t get enough of these adorable lemurs at Lemur Forest in the Tennessee Aquarium, where you can watch fluffy lemurs from the island of Madagascar play in their rainforest, leaping from branch to branch. The larger lemurs are called Red-ruffed lemurs, which spend most of their time up in the trees. You might even catch one of these fuzzy acrobats hanging upside down right above your head, if you visit! The smaller lemurs are Ring-tailed lemurs, and, per the Tennessee Aquarium, they’re “more socially-inclined.” Ring-tailed lemurs are more likely to be on the ground closer to visitors. Like us Southerners, Ring-tailed lemurs lemurs love to sunbathe. Ring-tailed lemurs are known for outstretching their arms toward the sun to warm themselves up, in a “sun-worshipping” pose. Even though they’re from Madagascar, these Tennessee Aquarium lemurs clearly belong in the South – we love the sun, too!

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