Don't be caught out on the road without these ten essentials. Whether you're taking a quick trip to the grocery store or traveling from coast to coast, preparing for emergencies will always pay off in the long run.

Here are the ten things we'd recommend to keep in your car at all times:

1. Emergency Money
Keeping a small amount of money in change and a few dollar bills can come in handy for circumstances like tollbooths, or tipping a tow truck driver.

2. Road Flares
If you’re changing a tire or in need of help at night, road flares are essential for visibility.

3. First Aid Kit
A First Aid Kit can be vital, even life saving, if you’re in an accident or see someone else in need of help on the road.

4. Jumper Cables
Jumper cables are an absolute must-have if you ever find yourself with a dead battery and in need of a jump-start.5. Maps
Smartphones aren't always smart. When you lose signal, turn to old school paper maps to get back on your way.

6. Duct Tape
Duct Tape is the answer to any temporary repair. Keep a roll on hand to reattach a muffler or fan belt, seal a glass chip, fix a broken taillight, or reattach a rear view mirror.

7. Blankets
Store a couple warm blankets in your car to keep warm in emergencies. As an added bonus, they come in useful at outdoor events like baseball games or concerts.

8. Water Bottles
Hydration is key. Keeping a few bottles of water in the car can prove useful if you get stuck somewhere or are on a long trip.

9. Raincoat/Poncho
If you find yourself caught in the rain on the side of the road, having a raincoat or poncho easily accessible will help keep you warm and dry – especially in the winter.

10. Garbage Bags
Make kitchen-size garbage bags easily accessible to keep trash, cups, and even muddy shoes or wet clothes from dirtying up your car.

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