Staycations are Trending for 2020 and We're Totally On Board

Snuggle up and settle in. Here's a vacation trend we can get behind.

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Three weeks into the new year, and the noise of gym discounts and dairy-free diets is finally starting to settle into the background. In a month that's cluttered with resolutions and predictions for the year ahead, it's always refreshing to bump into a trend you can actually get behind. This year, it's the staycation.

According to Pinterest's Top 100 for 2020, a relaxing hometown retreat is where it's at for the year ahead. Staycation searches on the platform were up 38% compared to the year prior, and we're not surprised.

While red-eye flights to far-away destinations come with their fair share of excitement, travel and vacation aren't always synonymous. There's something to be said for actually relaxing without having to load the car or unpack everything for TSA at the airport. Plus, is there anything quite as revitalizing as more than 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in your own bed?

Staycations offer the luxury of itinerary-free indulgence, but the best weekends at home still have a loose plan. No matter how good your intentions, day-to-day to-dos can still creep up on you when you're in town. Setting a game plan for a weekend of fun or just plain pampering can make sure that full laundry hamper doesn't lure you away from some much-needed R&R.

Ready to relax? Here are a few ideas for the best in-town vacation yet. You'll be trending for 2020 in no time.

How to Plan a Staycation

1. Embrace the "do not disturb" mindset.

Treat this time like you would any other vacation and unplug. Leave the office behind with an out-of-office message and resist the urge to check in. Turn off any notifications that might clutter your world, like news or group text messages. It's okay for your phone to buzz a bit less.

2. Let others do for you.

Pampering is anything but a hotel-only activity. Hire an at-home chef for the evening or have your house cleaned by someone else to start your stay.

3. Put your own spin on room service.

Embrace the allure of room service by making the most of delivery services or dividing the kitchen responsibilities. Want breakfast in bed? Order it. Want to make it yourselves? Alternate which mornings you'll serve each other.

4. Check into that boutique hotel in town.

Use the funds you're saving on airfare to finally checkout that hotel everyone's been talking about. Packing an overnight bag will give you the guise of a getaway, even if you're just headed down the street.

5. Rethink your own backyard.

You've done the yard work. Why not enjoy it? Pitch a tent, hang a hammock, or grab a cocktail under the stars. Weather permitting, adventure awaits.

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6. Indulge in dinner at home or around town.

There's no better time to make a dent in your restaurant bucket list. Make reservations or impulsively wait for a table with a cocktail at the bar–no real plan required. Want to stay in? Try that fancy recipe you tore from a magazine months ago. Flip through a cookbook, and get creative.

7. Explore your own city.

Museums, parks, shops, landmarks–all of the places you'd plan to see if you were exploring a new city just might be around the corner. Unless you want to embrace the freedom of a totally unplanned vacation lounging at home (no judgement there), take the time to enjoy spots you'd normally recommend to out-of-towners.

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