A spontaneous vacation is just what you need. 
Southwest Airlines
Credit: BanksPhotos/Getty Images

How's ATL to the ATX sound for $94? What about D.C. to Fort Lauderdale for $69? St.Louis to Nashville for $75? Well, all of these airline routes and fares, along with many, many more are available on Southwest.com right now.

The limited-time fall sale for the Dallas-based airline wraps up on Thursday, September 21st. The sale includes one-way tickets to a large variety of destinations in the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The flights are non-refundable and 21-day advance purchase is required. Blackout dates apply.

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Thankfully, the discounted fares are available in both directions (i.e., you can snag the $71 flight from Tulsa to Dallas on the return flight from Dallas to Tulsa, as well). Since there's no promise that your dream vacation flights will be available by the 21st, it's best to book before routes sell out.

Here's your excuse to pull the trigger on that holiday lights display trip you always dreamed about, ladies...