If you're up for changing your 9-to-6 workdays into leisurely vacations around the region, look no further than these incredible Southern spots. With the natural beauty, the up-and-coming food scenes in more cities that we can list, and the arguably the best golf in the nation, retiring in the South is a no-brainer. You can switch those long days into afternoons on the beach, swap out your morning commute latte for a piña colada, and leave your work woes at the door. These Southern small towns have lots of charm and character, not to mention views of the Smoky Mountains, the Guadelupe River, the Blue Ridge, and Susquehanna. We've included towns like Auburn, Alabama – where the university crowd peacefully co-mingles with retirees, Maryville, Tennessee – where all nature lovers find a peaceful retreat, and Paducah, Kentucky – where bourbon and music are never far out of reach. So, tell us – where do you want to retire in the South?

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