Tchoutacabouffa River, anyone?

When it comes to Southern culture, our editors have the region down pat. We also come from all across the South – meaning that some folks are experts on Louisiana while others take pride in The Peach State. No matter where you're from, however, there are a few Southern town names that can trip up even experts in the field. While we've got places like Lafayette County, MS, mastered, other versions of Lafayette (like Lafayette, LA and LaFayette, AL) aren't as simple. We also have a handful of spots below the Mason-Dixon with downright crazy spellings – like Tchoutacabouffa River and Tchoupitoulas Street – that are still tricky to pronounce.

We challenged our editors with some of the most tongue-twisting town names around. Spots like Arab, AL, Eutaw AL, and Crapo, MD, may look like they're pronounced one way, but the correct saying has a different phonetical emphasis. Some editors rattled off the names correctly every time, while others hoped our travel editors wouldn't be disappointed in our poor show. Can you pronounce these tricky town names?