Slow down for a refreshing view this Christmas.

Postcard from Dallas: Winter Ride

It's the song of the horses―the rhythmic clip-clop, clip-clop, as they meander along. There's no better place to get in the spirit than Dallas's Highland Park. Worthy of a drive any time of the year, it's especially magnificent now when the impeccable houses are lit up. We took a carriage ride with Threejays Carriages, the largest and most popular in town. Stylists decorate these grandiose homes to shining splendor. Everything here is Texas big and proud. A life-size Santa Claus waves from a window. Beautifully wrapped packages large enough to hold a pony dot a lawn. One yard is filled with jack-in-the-boxes representing each child in the family. And lights frame nearly every sidewalk and walkway. They wind tightly around trees, covering branches brilliantly. Crimson bows hug mailboxes and huge wreaths hang on oversize doors. It's quite a show. Your driver shares the history of Highland Park as you tour its streets. You'll hear locally known stories behind this famous area, the homes, and their residents. The tour is pure magic. And worth making an annual tradition.

Threejays Carriages: or (214) 521-6717.