This slice of the Oak Cliff neighborhood offers designer denim, classic toys, and handmade hats.

Dude Sweet Chocolate
Dude Sweet Chocolate
| Credit: Ralph Lee Anderson

An eclectic "micro-boutique marketplace," IndieGenius offers space in its 5,000-square-foot building to more than 20 designers and artists from across Texas. You'll find crafty geniuses selling reconstructed vintage clothing such as dresses ($98), paintings, handmade jewelry, and handbags. 409 North Zang Blvd.; or 214/941-0075

Indigo 1745
Named for the blue dye used to stain denim and the year the first shipment of indigo plants used in making the dye were exported from South Carolina to England, this shop is a haven for designer-jean junkies. Owner Denise Manoy curates brands such as Mavi and Kasil Workshop, as well as casually hip party frocks, skirts, and handbags ($220, at right). 370 West Seventh Street; or 214/948-1745

Oil and Cotton
When Shannon Driscoll and Kayli House Cusick decided to open a shop, they did a web search for Dallas and the words "oil" and "cotton" appeared again and again. So they set up Oil and Cotton as a creative exchange that offers art classes and toys such as soy-wax "crayon rocks" ($7). 837 West Seventh Street;

Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Dude, Sweet Chocolate owner Katherine Clapner (who worked as a pastry chef with Dallas' Stephan Pyles for 10 years) creates sensational sweets made from single-origin chocolate, cane sugar, and a world of unexpected flavors. We can't get enough of her 12-piece Dude Sweet Artisan sampler ($20). 408 West Eighth Street; or 214/943-5943

We Are 1976
Siblings Vynsie (born in 1976) and Derek Law (born the following year) opened their second whimsical Dallas store this summer. Joined by fellow treasure-hunter Jully Law, the talented trio offers collectible toys, rare books, unique jewelry (such as this wooden pendant; $35), and more cool finds from around the world. 313 North Bishop Avenue; or 214/821-1976

House of MacGregor
Master milliner Cassandra "Cassie" MacGregor creates stunning hats, colorful bow ties, and nifty pocket squares. Cassie studied under some of the best hatmakers in Manhattan before returning to her native Dallas to open her boutique. Her latest line includes cashmere and canvas "newsboy" hats (from $190). 614 Davis Street;

Shopping Break

Perk up with single-origin drip coffee and espresso drinks. Try the macchiato with caramel and the green chile-pork breakfast scramble—a confluence of eggs, pork, tortilla strips, mozzarella, and salsa verde. 316 West Seventh Street;

Pause for prosecco, chicken liver crostini, and lardo (cured Italian charcuterie) crostini at this intimate, chef-owned trattoria. 408 West Eighth Street;