This British-born chef and former kickboxer brings the flavors of his far-reaching world to Bedford, a new restaurant on Houston's culinary horizon.

Chef Robert Gadsby
Credit: Robbie Caponetto

Robert Gadsby is reality TV―only better. Front and center at Bedford's 10-chair chef's table (called Table One), I watch the British-bred, born-again Texan launch into the challenge of pleasing my palate. I hate olives and shredded coconut; I love fish, foie gras, and surprises. He gets the read and tailors a menu I'd trade my cowgirl boots to eat again: a scrambled egg-and-truffle starter atop duck ravioli, lingonberries on foie gras with micro celery, rigatoni with sausage he made himself, a timbale of kaboom-spicy chicken salad, and a party of desserts from a chocolate beignet to baklava. All just for me.

Chef Robert choreographs the designer dinner preparation―tending sizzling pans, then shifting to sloooow-mo to affix a small flower garnish on my plate just so. Multicultural + multitasking = mega-experience. Try for Table One Thursday-Saturday by reservation; or go the regular table route Tuesday-Sunday to choose from the lush menu. Either way, you're fast-tracking Houston's newest sensation.

Contact Info: 1001 Studewood Street; or (713) 880-1001. A 7- to 12-course dinner at Table One costs $150 per person and includes wine pairings. Lunch entrées start at $8.