Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind turns 75 this year. We asked Something Borrowed author Emily Giffin to imagine where Scarlett and co. might cavort in their shared hometown.

Scarlett O'Hara would love this quaint shop with true vintage and new "vintage" clothing and accessories.
Laurey W. Glenn

Scarlett: My! My! My! Atlanta
Near the house where Mitchell wrote the book, this is the perfect shop for a drama queen who mastered the art of looking like a million bucks when she didn't have a dime. (Who could forget that gown made from "upcycled" green velvet curtains?) True vintage and new "vintage" get a few Southern accents--think estate costume jewelry you'd actually wear--in this meticulously curated boutique that sources "retired" frocks from soap opera and theater wardrobes in Hollywood.

Rhett: The St. Regis Bar
The kind of guy who could make a line like "I'm very drunk and I intend on getting still drunker before this evening's over" into a successful pick-up line, Rhett would be saddled up to this classy, masculine bar. His poison? The $215-a-bottle custom bourbon, made especially for The St. Regis Atlanta in partnership with Woodford Reserve. He'd drink it neat and send a Kentucky Bourbon Seduction (bourbon, sour apple schnapps, cherry bitters, and Prosecco) to the lady in red across the bar, just to make Scarlett jealous.

Ashley: The London Trading Co.
Ashley would hunt quail in a tie, and he'd love the shotgun-shell cuff links and "beau ties" printed with Southern icons (mint julep cups, cotton bolls, and magnolias) made by Southern Proper, sold at this haberdashery for the gentleman hunter. Owned by an Atlanta-native couple who lived and hunted across the pond, this clothier is suited for the outdoorsman who wouldn't set a well-heeled foot in a field or stream without the proper kit--Remington seersucker shirts, tweed breeks (hunting knickers), and Wellies. One founder's great-granddad created the famous Brumby rocking chair, so it's no wonder parts of the shop beg you to sit awhile, stuffing shotgun shells.

Melanie: Beverly Bremer Silver Shop
The unfailingly gracious hostess (cue the party scene where she welcomed the same woman she just caught kissing her husband), Melanie would shop at Beverly Bremer, whose selection of estate bling could wow a silver spoon-fed debutante. She'd buy an antique sterling tea set for her cousin's wedding and replacements for her own silverware pattern, the 1898 "Georgian." Melanie would even be painfully kind enough to shop for Scarlett's missing "Tara" butter knife. (Though she should check her back for it.)