See why this barbecue restaurant was our top readers' pick for South Carolina.

By Jennifer V Cole
January 04, 2010
Little Pigs Barbecue, South Carolina
Photo by Gary Clark

The Meat:
A 50:50 mix of hams (for the yield) and shoulders (for the moisture) that is hickory smoked, pulled,
marinated in sauce overnight, and then smoked again to heat it back up.

The Sauce:
Columbia has a trio of sauce varieties (mustard, tomato, and vinegar-and-pepper). Little Pigs keeps a house-made supply of the state's trifecta on hand.

The Sides:
Though they hang their hat on the barbecue, the buffet with fresh collards, hash (a South Carolina
delicacy related to Brunswick stew), and hush puppies keeps the crowds happy.

Special Order:
On Friday and Saturday nights, they smoke half hogs for a traditional pig pick. Graze the ribs,
tenderloin, hams, shoulders―good stuff.

Sound Bite:
"It's got to be pork, cooked to perfection with that hickory smoked flavor. But South Carolina has three different sauces, and we don't argue about which is best. We like 'em all!" ―Champ McGee, owner of Little Pigs Barbecue

4927 Alpine Road, Columbia, SC 29223; or 803-788-8238