These long-distance sisters reconnected and indulged on Magazine Street.

Shopping New Orleans Magazine Street
Credit: Art Meripol

Separated by thousands of miles, close-knit sisters Katherine Cobbs and Rebecca Chastenet de Géry took a break from kids, husbands, and jobs to reconnect on Magazine Street in New Orleans's Garden District. Known for acres of antiques, memorable restaurants, and unique shops, this 6-mile stretch has everything girls dream of.

Trip Rx: The sisters longed for an uninterrupted conversation. Family vacations together were great, but no sentence was ever finished. The Big Easy, they hoped, would be just that—a chance to move at their own pace, do what they love, and enjoy great meals cooked by others for a change.

Before the Trip: Planning the trip whetted the two food writers' appetites for memorable meals. Katherine exhaustively researched the best new NOLA eats. Rebecca helped her cull the long list down to a more digestible size.

The Rendezvous: The sisters met at dusk in the opulent lobby of The Roosevelt, dropped bags in an elegant suite, and headed downstairs to the landmark Sazerac Bar to sip its eponymous cocktail (rye, bitters, herbsaint).

Fabulous Finds: Handblown opalescent glass lamps by local artist Fifi Laughlin, sold in Bremermann Design Shop, 1914 sterling silver strawberry forks from As You Like It, and a kid-friendly recipe box from The Stationer.

Foodie Finds: Authentically French baguettes and croissants at La Boulangerie (504/269-3777) and an entire basket of the thinnest fried onion rings at Mahony's Po-Boy Shop, where the house specialties are fried oyster, cochon (pork), and fried green tomato po'boys.

Happy Hour: Loving the mid-century vibe at the spanking new gastropub Bouligny Tavern, the pair sipped wine and kicked back on a sofa straight out of Bewitched. Chef John Harris's Gouda beignets are the talk of this town.

Moment of Truth: Crawling into lofty feathered beds, expecting to pass out from exhaustion...then laughing well past midnight and sleeping late. Grand finale: Brunch at Domenica, where John Besh's open-faced poached egg tortas with peas, prosciutto, and caramelized onions pair well with a Bloody Mary.

The Trip Effect: Katherine and Rebecca felt energized and finally up to speed with each other's lives. They agreed that life's too short to miss one-on-one sister time, so they made a pact to make a weekend away an annual tradition—and take turns planning the trip.