Immersive Sistine Chapel Exhibition Coming to Charleston

See a life-sized reproduction of Michelangelo’s masterpiece up-close in The Holy City.

Sistine Chapel Exhibit
Photo: Special Entertainment Events

The Renaissance masterpieces that adorn the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome are headed to Charleston this summer.

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition is described as a "life-sized, up-close, never-before-seen perspective" of Michelangelo's greatest works—no scaffolding or plane ticket required.

Produced by Special Entertainment Events (SEE), the exhibit features 34 massive reproductions of Sistine Chapel's frescoes. Each life-sized piece is printed on a special fabric that mimics the look and texture of the original. You can even see the brushstrokes.

"Our exhibit features life-sized [floor-to-ceiling] re-creations of the frescoes, making them almost look like we peeled the frescoes off the ceiling walls and are now taking them on a worldwide tour," Martin Biallas, the founder and CEO of SEE, told Chicago Sun-Times.

"It took us almost two years to find the right design, high-res images and the best fabric for printing the images so it would provide the right look and feel of a fresco. That wasn't easy. A fresco is when the artist paints on wet plaster and when it dries it absorbs the color and paint. An oil painting looks completely different."

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The Charleston stop of the traveling exhibition follows successful legs in cities including Charlotte and Atlanta. It will also be stopping in San Antonio in June.

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition in Charleston kicks off on July 6 and runs until August 22 at Festival Hall. Tickets, which are on sale now, are $20 for adults. It will take visitors roughly 60 to 90 minutes to walk among the panels.

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