South Carolina Dog Lover Wins Big After Impulse Buy of Pup-Themed Lottery Ticket

The tail of a lucky gambler who came out top dog.

A love of dogs translated into big money for one South Carolina resident.

A woman was inside a Circle K in Marion when a Happy Pawlidays! scratch-off ticket caught her eye. She said couldn't resist the cute pups pictured on the new holiday-themed game. And who could?

"I love dogs," she told South Carolina Education Lottery officials.

SC Lottery Happy Pawlidays Scratch Off
South Carolina Education Lottery

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, bought one, scratched it, and was astonished. She was the Lottery's first $30,000 winner on the Happy Pawlidays! scratch-off.

"No way," she recalled saying. "No way."

Just like her, the eight dogs featured on the $2 scratch-off are also winners. The pups, who all call South Carolina home, received the most votes in a photo contest hosted on the Lottery's website in the spring.

Her win leaves three more top prizes remaining in the Happy Pawlidays! game at odds of one in 480,000.

Congratulations, you lucky dog!

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