Here's why you should plan a trip to see them this month.

By Southern Living
February 15, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Middleton Place

The camellias have begun blooming in the beautiful, historic gardens of Middleton Place in Charleston, South Carolina, and they are a sight to see.

Visitors to Middleton Place will encounter the oldest landscaped gardens in the country. They date to 1741, when Henry Middleton, former President of the Continental Congress and colonial legislator during the American Revolution, put plans into action for a sweeping South Carolina gardenscape.

Credit: Courtesy of Middleton Place

Plan a trip to Middleton Place this season, and you can enjoy the camellias firsthand. When you visit, be sure to join one of the Camellia Walks, 75-minute walking tours that are held at 11 a.m. every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from February 6 through March 17 this year. The walks are led by knowledgeable guides and celebrate the beauty and history of the camellias. On the walk, you will also see one of the very first flowers of its kind planted in the United States. (Reservations are required, so secure your tickets soon!)

Credit: Courtesy of Middleton Place

According to the Middleton family, "In 1786, French botanist and explorer Andrè Michaux gave the Middletons some of the first camellias to be planted in an American garden." That historic camellia tradition is still thriving today, and the gardens are currently home to more than 4,000 camellias, many of which are over 200 years old. A visit to the gardens during camellia season reveals lush blooms of varying hues lining the pathways, gardens, and the lovely camellia allées. According to Middleton Place, among the 4,000 camellias, there remains "one of the four original Michaux plants, which is known at Middleton Place as the ‘Reine des Fleurs,' or ‘Queen of Flowers'."

Brush up on your camellia knowledge before you enjoy the flowers at Middleton Place with our tips for planting camellias as well as the Grumpy Gardener's guide to camellias.

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Will you plan a visit to Middleton Place to see the camellias this year? Their blooms never fail to brighten the last few weeks of winter.