Memorial Brick Stolen From Iconic Clemson Bar—and the Owners Want It Back

The brick honors a late Clemson alum and his favorite chant.

The Esso Bar Memorial Brick Missing
Photo: The Esso Bar

A special brick is missing from a legendary Clemson bar.

The not-so-ordinary brick was reportedly stolen from the memorial patio at The Esso Club at exactly 2:11 p.m. on Sunday. It's special because it memorializes Don McAuliff, a 1976 Clemson University grad and Tigers superfan who died in 2017. Don suffered a heart attack while repairing a fence blown down during Hurricane Irma in Florida. He was 64 years old.

His daughter Audrey told The State that Don was a season ticket holder with an entire room devoted to Clemson. His car horn even played "Tiger Rag." The Esso Club, which is located just across the street from Memorial Stadium, was a must-stop on Don's trips back to Clemson.

After Don died, his family bought three bricks for the memorial patio to honor him and his favorite chant, "Porkchop, porkchop mighty greasy. C'mon Clemson beat 'em easy."

Don McAuliff Memorial Brick
The Esso Bar

On Sunday afternoon, someone pried up the brick that contained the first part of the chant, "porkchop, porkchop mighty greasy," from the floor and pocketed it.

Manager Jenna Belfanco told the newspaper that the bricks aren't hard to take. They're set without mortar so they can be moved around if needed.

The McAuliff family still visits the club regularly and the bricks mean a lot to them. Audrey told The State that her dad was a bit of a "prankster," who would surely see the humor in the caper. But the family and the bar still want it back.

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The Esso Club has security footage of the culprits, but Belfanco is hoping the brick burglars return the stolen property without the involvement of the police.

Do the right thing, y'all!

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