Live Camera Invites Viewers Into Lives of Nesting Bald Eagle Couple on Hilton Head Island

The best kind of reality television.  

All eyes are on a pair of expectant parents on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

The Hilton Head Land Trust has trained a live camera on the nest of a bald eagle couple, inviting viewers from all over the world to watch the feathered family grow in real time.

The female has laid two eggs in the last five days and has been diligently warming them ever since, WTOC reports.

Hilton Head Island Eagle Cam
Screenshot/Hilton Head Island Land Trust

Now, we wait.

Robin Storey, HHI Land Trust Board Member, told WTOC what viewers can expect to see over the next few weeks as we watch for the first "pip," or breakthrough of the eggshell by the baby inside.

"They come in and do what we call 'nestoration,'" she explained to the local news station. "So, it's just fortifying the nest to make sure it's ready for those eggs and our eaglets."

Storey said that based on the average incubation of 35 days, it's possible these eaglets could hatch on Christmas Day.

According to the Land Trust's website, this will be the fourth season for this pair of eagles. In 2020, the eagles had a successful season with the fledging of two eaglets.

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