Greenville, South Carolina, Restaurant Launching "Little Free Cookbook Library"

Table 301 Catering & Kitchen opens their free cookbook exchange tomorrow.

Little Free Cookbook Library
Photo: Table 301 Catering & Kitchen

Imagine a world where there was no work, no kids, no obligations, no chores. If you're anything like us, that enchanted universe would be filled with oodles of cookbook reading. Well, if you love browsing these marvelous recipe-filled titles, you're going to love this idea from Greenville eatery Table 301 Catering & Kitchen.

Inspired by the Little Free Library, a free book exchange operating around the world with 90,000+ micro libraries, the popular Greenville breakfast-and-lunch spot is launching its own cookbook-sharing program. The library opens Thursday, January 23—National Reading Day—with free cookbooks like The Gift of Southern Cooking by Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock, In the Kitchen at White Oaks by Charles Davis (First Gentleman of Furman University), and Christmas with Southern Living 1983 by Jo Voce. Of course, since the library cookbooks will rotate regularly based on what people leave and what they take, you never know what you may get.

Table 301 Catering & Kitchen Cookbook Library
Table 301 Catering & Kitchen

“This location has always been a gathering spot for the community—it's been in our restaurant group since 2001. We gave the space a refresh last year and in doing so it became even more of a hangout than before, a cozy spot to catch up on emails, have a business lunch, or meet friends for coffee," Carl Sobocinski, owner of Table 301 Restaurant Group shared with Southern Living. "For us, food is love. We create memories at all of our restaurants for people every single day. What better way to promote community and create more memories than by a shared library of cookbooks?"

Sobocinski continues, "We've been fortunate to host a number of celebrated chefs over the years at our restaurants (Table 301 Restaurant Group consists of Soby's New South Cuisine, The Lazy Goat, Nose Dive, Passerelle Bistro, Southern Pressed Juicery, Jianna and Table 301 Catering & Kitchen where this little free library will live), many of whom are cookbook authors, and have built up quite a collection of our own. Between our team and some friends in the community, we were able to gather a great little collection to start." Clearly excited for the project, he adds, "I can't wait to see the evolution and growth of this as the word gets out.”

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Now, how about moving that lunch meeting to Table 301 Catering & Kitchen tomorrow? We'll have the spinach salad with a side of relaxation and a few hours of cookbook perusal. We'll see you there.

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