I fell in love with Charleston while cruising late at night in a rickshaw with my new friend and author of style blog Look Linger Love, Chassity Evans. Seeing the city through her eyes, and meeting the people and places that make the Holy City special to her made it come alive in a way that's hard to find through Google searches and Yelp reviews.

That's why we asked Chassity, one of our Most Stylish Southerners, to take you along on a true insider tour of the city she calls home. Hello, summer vacation!

Your guide: Chassity Evans / Photo courtesy Grey Benko

"So you've got a full day in Charleston and want to spend it the best way possible? I have a few ideas ..."

"Assuming you're waking up here in the Holy City, we'll need fuel for the morning, so just mosey on out of your room at Zero George down to their cafe to enjoy some pastries and a cappucino in the garden."

Zero George porch / Photo by Peter Frank Edwards
| Credit: Peter Frank Edwards

"Then hop on a bike over to the South of Broad neighborhood, and get lost for a few hours. The homes, architecture, and gardens are just dreamy. Plus, this time of year jasmine is blooming everywhere, and it's the sweetest smell in the world."

"While we're here, let's stop in at Goat. Sheep. Cow. for the sandwich of the day. They're adorably wrapped and always amazing. We'll grab it to go and head over to Water Front Park to sit for a few minutes."

"Lovely. Now it's time to head to King Street for a little shopping. I'll make sure you don't miss Hampden Clothing, James, Worthwhile, Shoes on King, and South of Market."

"So now you're probably ready to rest your feet—I know I am—so let's head back to Zero George to freshen up and dress for the evening. Don't worry, you don't have to get too fancy in Charleston if you don't feel like it. I usually throw on a dress and low heels. Hey, while we're here, let's have a cocktail on the porch! Then we'll catch a rickshaw to The Ordinary so you can try the most amazing oyster sliders. Don't worry—they're fried."

Photo by Robbie Caponetto

"Next we'll walk down to The Macintosh for dinner. I see your eyes bulging. Don't tell me you didn't expect to get fed here in Charleston! I suggest the fish, but my husband will swear that the pork entree is where it's at. We'll get the gnudi while we decide. But I promise it'll be one of your best meals you've ever had."

"Whew. I'm tired. But if you feel like another drink I'll send you upstairs to the Cocktail Club. Thanks for coming to visit!"

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