Waiting in the airport security line can be a long, draining process. Reduce your frustration and take a look at 3 ways to skip the line! Global Entry pre-screens low risk travelers and permits them to check-in at the kiosk when arriving in the U.S. Members have access to accelerated entry, eligibility for TSA PreCheck, and avoid processing lines or paperwork. Clients must complete an online application and pay a $100 non-refundable fee. Once approved, they must complete a background check and an interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center. TSA PreCheck quickens the security process by allowing traveling citizens to keep their shoes, laptop, liquids, belt, and light jackets. Over five million people are a part of the program that only costs $85 for five years. CLEAR allows jetsetters to skip the line using an iris or fingerprint scan. The kiosk confirms identity and moves vacationers to the front of PreCheck or security lines. Those interested in the program can sign up in the airport. The entire process takes 10 minutes and costs $179 annually. If you have plans to explore the South, give these stress-free airport programs a try.

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