Why You Should Plan a Trip With Your Sister Every Year

She's your maid of honor, your biggest cheerleader, and your life-long best friend.

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No matter the time or your distance apart, you could always use a trip with your sister. Why wait until the next holiday to reunite? Traveling together is the perfect way to reconnect and recharge. No need for grand plans: a weekend spa retreat or road trip to a new city will provide the perfect setting for quality time. Whether you're headed to the mountains or the shore, get a date on the calendar and pack your bags. It's time for a sisters' trip—and here are all the reasons it's guaranteed to go smoothly.

You're used to spending extended periods of time together

You spent around two decades of your life together, so you know how to coexist. Childhood holidays and vacations have prepared to you to be the best travel partners. You both love to explore and experience new cultures, but you're also perfectly happy to sit together and talk for hours. You know all of each other's pet peeves (Mama, please stop asking the locals for directions…) and you've confided in each other more times than you can count.

You can share everything

Let's be honest. You and your sister have borrowed (read: stolen) each other's clothes so many times, you probably can't tell what belongs to who anymore. There's no need to pack too much—you'll inevitably dip into each other's suitcases. And this doesn't just apply to clothes: You'll probably swap books, hairbrushes, and phone chargers (just be sure to ask permission first).

You have similar taste

Not only do you admire your sister's impeccable fashion sense (where does she get all of those cool jackets?), but you probably have the same travel style. After many years of family vacations, you and your sister will be on the same page about the places you want to see and how to prioritize your time. So whether you want to spend the day lounging on the beach, touring landmarks and museums, or wandering the local streets, you'll be ready to take it on together. And even if you're not in complete agreement, you know how to work it out. Growing up together was full of compromises.

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If she's getting on your nerves, you know how to call her out

For better or for worse, your sister knows just how to get on your nerves. Luckily, you're not afraid to tell her exactly what's bothering you. You know it's useless to harbor silent resentment for your sister—and you know just how to speak your mind when she's pushing your buttons.

When you've been apart, you have to catch up in person

Yes, you can have weekly phone calls to touch base, but nothing can compare to catching up in person. With your busy schedules, it can be hard to find the time to meet up, and sometimes you just can't wait until you'll be home for Thanksgiving. Setting aside even just a weekend to really spend time together takes the pressure off squeezing everything into those too-short holidays. There's nothing better to look forward to than a relaxing retreat with your sister.

She'll always be there for you, no matter what

Yes, a trip with a big group of girls may sound fun, but looking back at those photos in thirty years, you probably won't even be able to recall some of your companions' names. It's natural for friendships to fizzle and fade over the years, but one thing that's sure to last is the bond between sisters. Your time with your sister will always be a treasured memory, even many years later.

Next up? A mother-daughter trip, of course.

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