Plan your next car journey right and you'll never get asked "Are we there yet?" again.

Family Car Road Trip
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One person starts the game with a positive remark such as, "Fortunately, we will make it to Cracker Barrel by lunch." The next person responds with a negative comment like, "Unfortunately, Dad forgot his credit card at the last stop." And the sequence of positive-negative comments goes on and on.

While You Were Sleeping
The first person who falls asleep is the victim of this prank. While they're snoozing, the rest of the car comes up with a far-fetched story. When he or she wakes up, the car tells the story. Trust us, this can be truly entertaining.

Who Are They?
Choose another group on the road and make up a story about how they met, where they are from, where they are going. Who knows, maybe they'll be headed to your destination?

Dad in Car with kids
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Name the DJ
This one requires a little pre-road trip prep work—and it's worth it. Before leaving, ask everyone to pick three songs to anonymously add to a playlist. When you're on the road, everyone has a chance to guess who picked each song. Warning: Not meant to be played if you aren't fans of Dad's tunes.

License-Plate Game
No list of car games is complete without this classic. Before leaving, print out a map of the United States. Each time someone spots a license plate from a different state, mark the map. Check everyone's map at the end to see who crossed off the most.

The If Game
This one is simple but amusing. Pick a category, such as kitchen utensils or ice-cream flavors. Take turns labeling each person as an item within each category. For example: "If [Mom] were a [fruit] she would be a [peach]. This game keeps little ones entertained for hours.

I Spy
If you're traveling with small children, go through the alphabet, such as "I spy something that starts with the letter S." If you're traveling with an older crew, make it a tad more challenging, such as "I spy something you'd only find in Georgia."