Dinosaurs, a 50-Foot Woman, Bamahenge, and More: This Quirky Alabama Marina Is a Road Trip Must-Stop

You’ll find a lot more than boats at Barber Marina!

Lady in the Lake
Photo: Barber Marina

Artist Mark Cline has been transforming the tiny town of Elberta, Alabama, into a kitschy roadside attraction one fiberglass sculpture at a time.

At the behest of his eccentric billionaire patron George Barber, Cline has been installing a peculiar array of sculptures throughout the sprawling Barber Marina property since the early 2000s.

Why? Not even Cline knows for sure. But it's definitely worth checking out on your way to the Gulf Shores area.

In a clearing about 200 yards off of the marina entrance road (past a Roman goddess surrounded by Corinthian columns), you'll find "Bamahenge," a full-size fiberglass recreation of Stonehenge, reminiscent of the "Foamhenge" Cline built in Virginia in 2004. According to Atlas Obscura, both Foamhenge and Bamahenge are exact replicas of the real thing in England— "right down to their orientation to the sun and the summer solstice."

About a quarter mile down the same road, you'll want to keep a lookout for Cline's four giant dinosaur sculptures hidden amongst the trees. A Brontosaurus, T. Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops are all just waiting for family photo opps.

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The oddities continue as you make your way towards the marina. An authentic Italian Renaissance fountain, knights, Chinese terra cotta warriors, a giant spider, and four bronze Atlantean sea horses.

At the marina you'll find Cline's most recent addition to the property: a 50-foot fiberglass woman floating in the water with only her head and knees showing. Though her official name is "Country Girl Skinny Dipping," the world has come to know her simply as everyone "Lady in the Lake." Keep in mind that she's not always on display, so call ahead if you have your heart set on seeing her.

Happy trails, y'all!

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