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Vacation should be relaxing. We know, that sounds obvious, but think back to your last vacation for a second. Between making restaurant reservations, paying for excursions, hopping from one place to another, and endlessly whipping out your credit card to pay for every little thing, did you really relax? And that's why you should consider booking yourself an all-inclusive vacation instead.

All-inclusive resorts simply aren't what they used to be. Now, they come with all the high-end comforts of a five-class resort, but with every single thing included so you only need to book once. Here are five reasons to consider a stress-free all-inclusive resort as your next vacation destination.

You may end up spending less

Booking an all-inclusive vacation may appear to be more expensive, but that's simply because you're seeing all of the costs up front. So, instead of parsing out a budget for accommodations, meals, and entertainment, they are instead all reflected in one price. "There's nothing better than putting your wallet away and not having to worry once you arrive," travel writer and photographer Susan Portnoy told Brit+Co about why she would choose an all-inclusive stay. "I was recently on an UnCruise in the Sea of Cortez, and I loved the fact that snorkeling, hikes, and other activities were part of a guest's overall rate — along with the gear the crew loaned me!"

Warning: Make sure to read the fine print to find out exactly what's included as many places exclude alcohol and some water activities.

You'll save so much time

Planning a vacation can be time-consuming, but when you book an all-inclusive resort you may be able to save significant time. That's because you won't have to hunt down different restaurants, activities, or spa treatments. Instead, it can happen all at the same place, and again, all at one price. This way, you can spend your time savoring the vacation rather than planning it.

You can still customize your stay

Sure, you're booking this type of vacation to make the planning process easier, but you can still do all the things you want to do by customizing your stay. Typically, all-inclusive resorts ask guests what type of activities they may be interested in before arrival to help tailor their stay. And, you can always choose to do an off-resort excursion or off-resort meal. (Don't worry, it's not considered cheating and we won't tell anyone.) Consider your all-inclusive resort your "home base," then plan any extras you want on your own.

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You'll make plenty of new friends

One of the most fun parts of an all-inclusive resort is its pre-planned activities. From group dinners, entertainment shows, and events, all-inclusive resorts pack in a lot of fun. And, each night you'll likely run into the same familiar faces throughout your stay. Getting to bond with fellow vacationers is the quickest way to forge new friendships. And, this way you'll know you'll have a good time each and every day and night.

You can truly treat yourself

All-inclusive resorts are all about lavishing you with time and attention. And best of all, you don't even need to go far to get in on the action. In January, the Bungalows Key Largo opened its doors as the first luxury adults-only all-inclusive resort in the Florida Keys. There, guests can explore 12 acres of waterfront and stay in one of the 135 private bungalows, each outfitted with its own outdoor soaking tub and garden showers. Beyond the rooms, guests can also take advantage of the resort's beach cruisers, dine at one of its three restaurants, splash in the water with one of its many aquatic toys, and more. Rooms start at just $399 per person per night.

So, what are you waiting for? Book once and let the resort handle the rest.