A midflight jaunt to the restroom just got a lot easier.


Picture this: You're mid-flight cruising at 30,000-feet and thoroughly enjoying a lovely little "Fixer Upper" marathon. Or perhaps you're toasting your temporary solitude with an indulgent nap. Maybe you're simply trying to power through a Powerpoint presentation for work.

Then, out of nowhere, someone jarringly grabs the top of your seatback and snaps you out of your productivity grind or state of relaxation. "Does this lady or fella really have to grab my seat like that?" you ponder, as the offender makes his or her way to the lavatory or to grab headphones from their friend in 16C.

Well, there's a lifehack for that. Nestled below the overhead bins, there's a curved, hollowed-out space. According to Condé Nast Traveler, the feature has been included on many aircrafts built in the past 15 years. While you may have noticed flight attendants using it for balance, many passengers choose to ignore the handy innovation.

This so-called "handrail" is essentially a smooth gutter that works as a steadying, guiding feature to help you navigate the aisle. Simply tuck your fingers into the groove and maintain your balance on your next trip to the restroom. Without interrupting a mama's precious Chip-and-Jo-time.