Find out what a Disney World Magic Kingdom ticket cost the year the park opened, and throughout the years.


Oh Disney World, let us count the ways we love you. There's the Mad Tea Party ride. Splash Mountain. Cinderella's Castle. Endless tasy food offerings (an ice cream sundae served in a bucket with a shovel? Why not?!). The smiles on kids faces. The characters roaming happily around the park.

Then, there are the admission tickets. We hate to crush your happy wave of memories, but getting into Disney World isn't cheap: Ticket prices vary but in summer 2018 you can expect a one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom Park at Disney World to start at $102. Rewind to fall of 1971 when Magic Kingdom opened and a one-day ticket was a mere $3.50. Yes, you read that right. Going to the most magical place on earth cost about as much as a modern-day pizza slice. Curious about how the ticket cost at Disney have changed over the years? Delish recently took a look at the ticket price evolution and here's a glimpse at the cost by decade:

  • 1971: $3.50
  • 1981: $9.50
  • 1991: $33
  • 2001: $48
  • 2011: $85

For the year-by-year breakdown, visit Delish's article here.

Well, at least we guess we're saving compared to a 2050 visit to Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and the crew.