This deal involves some reading and some returning.

Paradies Read & Return
Credit: Courtesy Paradies Lagardère

Buying a book at the airport is one of the great pleasures of travel. You enter the shop, browse the shelves, and select a book to get lost in. You board the plane, settle in, and devour the story cover the cover. Once you arrive at your destination, though, you're left to lug around the book. You enjoyed it, sure, but now it's additional weight in your suitcase.

This is an all-too-common travel phenomenon, and it inspired one airport retail company to develop a book-buying deal known as "Read & Return." According to Paradies Lagardère, the organization behind the program, "The Read & Return initiative is one of our most popular to date. Launched in 2003, the concept allows customers the opportunity to purchase a book at one of our locations, return it within six months of purchase with the original receipt, and receive a 50 percent refund on regular-priced purchases." Participating stores are under the ownership of Paradies Lagardère, an organization that's headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and operates travel retail shops and restaurants in 98 airports across North America.

What happens to those books? According to Paradies Lagardère, returned books are then sold at a 50 percent discount. You can take advantage of this program at participating stores, which are located in airports throughout mainland North America. Just remember to keep your original receipt and return the book within six months of purchase. Don't let your books languish in your suitcase and weigh you down. Take advantage of this deal—your reading list will thank you.

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Will you take advantage of this airport retail deal? What's your go-to genre for travel reads?