Streamline your suitcase with these budget-friendly bag organizers.
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Streamline your suitcase with these budget-friendly bag organizers.
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Heads up, over-packers! Are you one of those travelers who can't leave for a weekend trip without six outfits, multiple accessories, and three pairs of shoes, not counting sneakers? The minute you unzip your stuffed-to-the-gills suitcase, everything spills all over the place, right? That can be true even if you already pack with restraint. (Nothing is more annoying than having to dig through jeans and scarves to get to that pair of booties you so skillfully tucked into a corner at the very bottom of your carryon.) We all could use a little help with bag organization. As is true of everything else, the proper tools make all the difference.

Packing cubes to the rescue. Flexible and light, they come in all different sizes and colors, and they're masters of bag organization. You can buy them in sets to suit your needs. We like mesh tops that let you see inside without unzipping. (Speaking of zippers, shop for sturdy ones.) Larger packing cubes are great for shirts, dresses, blouses, capris, and skirts. Medium-size cubes work for shorts, workout gear, swimsuits, and PJ's, while smaller ones are ideal for undies (if you just can't bring yourself to stuff those into the aforementioned booties and other shoes). Amazon has eBag packing cubes in lots of fun colors, sold in sets of 3 for $40 ($21.99 if you take advantage of a special deal). If you're planning a long trip that requires breaking out the Big Mama suitcase, you might want to buy a few sets of packing cubes in different colors so you can color code your wardrobe and keep yourself organized.

Let's face it, even if you're going on vacation, getting yourself out the door can be stressful. What am I forgetting? Do I have my plane ticket? Did I unplug the coffee pot???? Divide and conquer the whole packing process with colorful cubes that not only reduce the wrinkle factor but also give you the kind of bag organization that makes you breathe a little easier when you check in and open your suitcase. A place for everything and everything in its place. Pink scarf, I know exactly where you are.

Whether you're traveling by plane, train, boat, or car, get yourself organized before you set off. That way you'll spend your time enjoying your trip instead of digging through your suitcase.