Whether he likes boating, beaching, or just being prepared.
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Matador Droplet Dry Bag
Credit: Amazon

Being prepared for all scenarios is just a thing that some Southern dads herald as one of their most important family duties. Whether that means having the best grill brush to keep burger night running smoothly, wearing a pair of mesh mosquito pants to do the yard without risking bites, or having all sorts of oddities and gizmos on hand at any time in the case of emergency, they want to make sure they've got things handled. It's just the Dad way. 

In the category of oddities and gizmos that dads deem necessary, for whatever reason, are dry bags. Because whether spending the day out boating on the lake or laying on the beach (or just milling around town with something too valuable to spill that extra large sweet tea on) a dry bag can help keep belongings like wallets, electronics, and more in tip-top shape—and there is a popular dry bag out there that boasts a three-liter capacity and that folds up small enough to fit in a keychain-sized container, which means Dad can carry it around at all times without any hassle. Meet the Matador Droplet Dry Bag

Matador Droplet Dry Bag
Credit: Courtesy Matador

Made by outdoorsy travel brand Matador that focuses on making high-performance travel equipment, this three-liter packable dry bag is about the cutest thing we've seen all day, and more still, it combines super portability with actual function. The combination of convenient carry on your keychain or backpack with dependable waterproof storage at an affordable price point is the sweet spot that makes all the difference between a gizmo you'll buy and actually use and one that sits idle in the garage despite the best of intentions. Plus, a silicone case makes it both resilient, flexible, and easily kept clean. Choose between two colors—aqua blue and black—to make the perfect small gift to give any outdoorsman, traveler, boater, or Southern dad.

So if you're looking for something that hits all marks of being prepared, keeping personal items and technology safe, and doing it all in a conveniently compact way, the Matador Droplet portable dry bag might fit the bill. (Shop the Matador Droplet: $15.99; amazon.com)

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Nobody loves a handy tool more than a Southerner on the go, and this one certainly travels well.