Tulsa Has the Best Summer Theme Park– and It's Free

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Theme parks are most certainly at the top of every family's summer to-do list. But, even a single day visit to parks like Disney World and Universal can be an expensive proposition for a small family. There is, however, one more option out there for park-lovers, and best of all, it's completely free. Tucked away in Tulsa, Oklahoma, theme park aficionados can find the destination of their dreams known as The Gathering Place.

Built by philanthropist George Kaiser and 80 other corporate and philanthropic donors, the massive park is meant to be a place where everyone can come to "explore, learn and play."

Tulsa OK Gathering Place Elephant Slide
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"We are Gathering Place. We are Tulsa," the park, which opened in September of 2018, explains on its site. "We are diverse, passionate and true to our beliefs. We remain consistent in our mission, as a project led by George Kaiser Family Foundation, that we all become united in our love for our community. Relatives, close friends, neighbors, we are all family. We are united from every zip code, from the city to the suburbs, from the river to the hills, from the north to the south, from the west to the east. Gathering Place is the ultimate expression of Tulsa's spirit of unity. A place for everyone."

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At the park, guests of all ages are invited to come play at its many attractions including Chapman Adventure Playground, a five-acre area where children can let their imaginations run free while exploring the playground's signature towers, slides, climbing features, play gardens, sandlot and water areas. For adults, there's also the Skywalk Forest, an area where guests can go down thrilling slides, try their hand at net climbing and more as they hang twenty feet above the ground level.

Truly, the park is somewhere you can feel good about visiting, as not only is it dedicated to teaching children and adults about the world around them, but it's also dedicated to sustainability. The eco-friendly park was built using recycled materials whenever possible and uses filtered and recycled water for each and every attraction.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Tulsa now. We'll be waiting by the slides for you.

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