Oklahoma Middle Schooler Helps Save Two Lives in One Day

The 11-year-old helped a classmate who was choking, as well as a woman trying to escape a burning building. 

When 11-year-old Davyon Johnson grows up, he wants to be an EMT. Earlier this month, he received some early training for his future career when he helped save the lives of not one, but two community members in one day.

Davyon Johnson
Courtesy of the City of Muskogee

The heroic middle schooler at Muskogee Public Schools in Oklahoma was in class when a fellow classmate began choking on a bottlecap. Davyon sprung to action, successfully performing the Heimlich maneuver and freeing his classmate's airway.

On that same day after school, Davyon noticed a woman using a walker trying to escape a burning house. Without thinking, he once again jumped in to help.

"I thought, 'Oh, she's not moving fast enough,' so I ran across the street and helper her to her truck," he told locals news station News on 6.

The City of Muskogee, Muskogee Public Schools, and Muskogee Police recognized young Davyon's valiant actions at a school board meeting on Dec. 15 where Police Chief Johnny Teehee presented him with an Honorary Officer Award.

"The entire Muskogee community is so proud of Dayvon for his heroic acts," said city spokesperson Tera Shows. "His courage goes beyond his years. His ability to think quickly and react saved two lives in one day. What an accomplishment!"

Way to go, Davyon!

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