Serious Wind Damage Won't Stop World's Tallest Christmas Tree from Shining in Oklahoma

Approximately 27 feet broke off from the top of Enid's 140-foot Christmas tree.

Just a few days after Enid, Oklahoma, celebrated the lighting of the world's largest Christmas tree, the towering conifer was damaged by high winds.

Enid Christmas Tree Broken
The One

On the evening of December 5 around 10:45 p.m., approximately 27 feet broke off from the top of the 140-foot fresh-cut Christmas tree.

Decorated with 20,000 multi-colored LED lights, 10,000 ornaments, and ringed by a forest of 12 smaller trees, the "Christ Tree" is the centerpiece of The One, the city's 42-day event featuring concerts, plays, and activities celebrating Christmas.

Fortunately, the wind has nothing on Enid's Christmas spirit. According to a news release, the top part of the tree was safely retrieved and lowered to the ground. Organizers for The One, along with engineers, have assessed the damage and are fully confident Christ Tree "will continue to shine bright throughout the holiday season."

"We have the best team working on making repairs to Christ Tree along with the surrounding trees and decorations," Kyle Williams, The One visionary and chief executive officer of Hammer Williams Co., said in a news release. "Enid, without a doubt, is a wonderful community to live in. We are united and rise by lifting others. Together we can do great things."

Visitors are invited to experience The One from now through January 6. For the most up-to- date information and updates, please check the official Facebook page for The One Enid.

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