There's a lot to love about OBX.

Peter Frank Edwards

The Outer Banks is truly a special place all year round. In the spring, you can pay a visit to the wild horses living in the area. In the fall, you can cruise the waters off the coast to catch a whale migration. And in the winter, you can check out its stellar Christmas markets that sparkle under the twinkling lights. But, it's the summertime when this place really shines.

The Outer Banks is a mecca for tourists in its high season. And really, who can blame them? With its delicious seafood, miles of beaches, and views for days, the Outer Banks is worth all the fuss. And really, anyone who has spent time there over the years would know. Here are six surefire signs you spend your summers in the Outer Banks too.

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Peter Frank Edwards

Peter Frank Edwards

You shop at Burrus Red and White Supermarket

Or at least have made one trip to the oldest grocery mart in the heart of Hatteras Island. Opened in 1866, and originally called "Stowe Store," it is now a full-service grocery store with plenty of local favorites, like the homemade chili. The best part? The famous front porch cats that greet customers as they enter the charming brick building.

You know how many steps each lighthouse has

The Outer Banks is home to five lighthouses, some of which are open for climbing and daily tours. The lighthouses there have protected the shoreline for some 200 years and include the Bodie Island Lighthouse, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse.

You've seen the Lost Colony play once (or maybe twice)

The Lost Colony is one of the oldest running historical outdoor drama performances, which started in 1937. It involves more than 200 actors, designers, technicians, and volunteers in the area. Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Paul Green, the play is about Sir Walter Raleigh's attempt to establish a settlement on Roanoke Colony in the 1500s. Make a date to catch a performance from May through August at the Waterside theater in Manteo.

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You've seen plenty of wild horses

Because you don't find beautiful wild horses roaming on most beaches.

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You know exactly where the Wright Brothers took their first flight

There are plenty of important place in the Outer Banks, but perhaps none as important as the spot where the Wright Brothers first took flight. At the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, visitors can see exactly where man took to the sky. There, you can even see replicas of their first flight machines. And lord knows, any non-beach day in the Outer Banks has got to include a bit of history like this.

You go to Big Buck's for homemade ice cream

It just wouldn't be summer without a nightly stop at our favorite ice cream shoppe – and Big Buck's is on the top of our list. From banana split sundaes to a mint soft serve cone, the homemade ice cream here can't be beat.

So if you spent your summers enjoying everything that the Outer Banks has to offer, share it loud and proud—it's definitely worthy.