“It was huge.”

Most people go their whole lives without ever witnessing the end of a rainbow. But not photographers Michael and Tracy Eager—the lucky couple from Delaware who found a proverbial pot of gold during a recent trip to the Outer Banks.

It had been raining for three days straight when the Eagers set out for Pea Island on October 13 with hopes of catching a beautiful sunrise.

"Anxious to get out, we went even though the sky was ominous. Sure enough, the rain came again," Michael recalled on Facebook. But just as they made it back to their car, the rain stopped.

"Completely awestruck, we fumbled for our cameras," he said.

The rainbow that appeared was so big it couldn't fit in a single frame. Despite its size, Michael managed to capture the explosion of color.

"My rainbow's end is on Hatteras Island. It was huge, but probably because it was right in front of me. The side you see (in the photo) is the left side," Eager told McClatchy News.

Rainbow End Pea Island
Credit: Michael A Eager Photography

"It came down from the clouds and hung out for about 10 minutes while I scurried around trying to capture it in new ways," he continued. "It came back two separate times, but nothing compared to the first time."

How cool is that?